What makes CHEEP your best website company?

Top quality web design for less.

Since 1998, CHEEP has designed & developed hundreds of websites for our happy customers. We create the same quality websites that the big website companies charge an arm and a leg for! Our years of experience have taught us how to develop top quality websites that any small business can afford. Our business model focuses on alleviating the burden of paying a large sum upfront for a great website.

Don't settle for poor quality.

There are lots of self proclaimed "web designers" advertising on Craigslist. Many of their ads say they will build a site for hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Our websites look awesome because we have award winning designers here to make your company look its best. At CHEEP, we invest countless hours into developing the very best website for your company. We perform monthly maintenance on your site as well including making sure your WordPress installation, theme and plugins are all up to date to ensure your website runs perfectly.

Fed up with do-it-yourself websites?

Don't drive yourself nuts trying to build your own website! We get calls all the time from customers wanting us to finish building their site because they can't figure out how it works or they just invested way too much of their valuable time. Many do-it-your self websites are complicated and just don't let you customize everything you want.

In conclusion, we take care of everything, which allows you to concentrate on running your business. We are your one-stop-shop! We will purchase the domain name, provide hosting, develop the WordPress theme and graphics, install all the necessary plugins and make sure your site is up to date every month. That frees up a ton of time so you can focus on your business. Find out how it works.

Don't a build do-it-yourself website!

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